What is a public adjuster (PA)?

  • Public adjusters are similar to insurance adjusters in that they investigate, appraise and negotiate claims.  The difference is a public adjuster advocates for the policyholder, NOT the insurance company, during the claim process.  Insurance adjusters represent the interests of the insurance company that employs them. Public adjusters represent the interests of the policyholder.

  • Public adjusters confer, on your behalf, with the insurance company representatives and handle all matters essential to proper and satisfactory conclusion of the claim.

  • Most insurance companies prefer to work with an experienced public adjuster who knows the ins-and-outs of the claims process.

  • Insurance companies always offer to pay what is due to you, the policyholder, as they see it but a public adjuster has the knowledge and experience to obtain a more favorable adjustment for everything which you are entitled.

  • Public adjusters insure prompt and satisfactory settlements.

  • Public adjusters are typically paid a percentage of the claim settlement received from the insurance company and/or any other related expenses.

  • If you think you may need assistance with your residential or commercial property insurance claim, there’s no risk in contacting a public adjuster.  Most public adjusters will provide free (no commitment) consultations.  At the very least you will receive an opinion by a professional in the insurance industry.