What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is a state licensed professional claims adjuster whom advocates for the policyholder (homeowner, property owner, etc).  State licensed public adjusters, legally represent the rights of the policyholder during the insurance claim process.

The public adjuster is able to interpret insurance policy, is familiar with insurance company claim processes, has knowledge of commonly used repair estimating software platforms and state laws that assist the property owner in receiving the maximum amount of indemnification, within the parameters of their policy.

How much does a public adjuster charge?  

The public adjuster is typically paid a percentage of the insurance claim settlement.  Fees typically range from 10%-20% of the claim’s settlement amount.

Who pays the public adjuster?

The policyholder is responsible for payment.

Will my claim close faster?

Yes.  The public adjuster can move things along quickly.

I’ve already received a check from my insurance company but it doesn’t cover everything.  Do I still need a public adjuster?

Yes.  A public adjuster can pursue everything to which you are entitled.  At the very least a free consultation can provide you with the opinion of insurance claim professional.